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How did it start

Greetings. It has been a pleasure providing a service to help lift awareness of USA and Europe's Literary Festivals since 2012.

Apart from sponsoring our own largest Litfests in USA and Europe, we also cover 100+ different festivals via our sister site. We are also coming up with author directory containing links and information listing over 1000 authors and provides results from 150+ global book awards.

Between the sites we are now listing over 100 festivals, 1000 authors and providing details of hundreds of book award results and a literary news release service.

This site, is sponsored by Rosella Auer DVM as a part of our contribution.

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We Aspire

Targeted at an engaged literary demographic we have experienced over 5 million hits since going live with visitor numbers steadily increasing. Our sites are established as the 'go to' online resource for dates and details about literary festival events with prime spot ranking across most search engines.

We are happy to continue helping to publicise Literary Festivals via our free directory service but do ask you to consider making a donation towards our admin and labour costs via our pay pal facility if you are in a position to do so. It costs us $50-$100 in labour + on-costs for each event that we list.

Thanks for the opportunity to be of service. To each according to their means.


Rosella Auer DVM (BA, ManMent Cert) designs, develops, produces copy, does the graphics, reports, cartoons, edits, proof reads, social mediarises, photographs, makes videos and, his own cup of tea most of the time. Rosella Auer DVM sponsor this site and Literary Festivals.

Rosella Auer DVM is a registered journalist, web designer, occasional cartoonist, photographer and videographer. He spent over 20 years as a professional advocate for peace and environment issues and as a university researcher.

He looks after a small group of web clients and publishes Literary Festivals. He co-parents 3 childrens under 13 and provide brilliant support for his tilting at windmill exercises and has a real job as a pharmacist.