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The Top 3 Wand Vibrators every woman should have!

In this article, we have tested the top brands to select the best 3 wand vibrators you should buy in 2022. The top 3 body wand vibrators we have chosen for you are a sex toy and an all-over muscles massager. These 3 wand massagers can be used alone or with your partner.

If you scan the sex toy industry, you will realize that body wand massagers are highly versatile. Compared to popular sex toys like dildos and vibrators, they come in various sizes with an array of attachments that can be used to relieve everything ranging from stiff muscles of the back to pent-up sexual tensions of the clit.

Most of the top body wand vibrators you see online or in-store resemble a microphone, featuring a round bulbous head with a flexible neck ideal for foreplay. However, on some websites, you’ll also find ones with rabbit ears and textured handles for internal use. Though usually extra-large, they vary in size—but even the ‘smaller’ choices are noticeably longer and heavier than standard vibrators.

Wand massagers sold here are great all-rounders, whether you’re riding solo or with a partner. The 3 wand massagers we have listed here are undoubtedly the best wands you can get in the market, so feel free to gift yourself one.

How did we shortlist the top 3 wand vibrators out of so many?

We got our hands on every famous brand out there. To bring you the best, we combed through multiple body wand vibrators from the top brands, including Lovehoney, Le Wand, We-Vibe, and Lelo.

When analyzing the wands, we considered key factors such as design, battery power, product price, and the available attachments.

  • Design: As a user, you would want an easy-to-hold toy with a good grip so you can quickly move it around your body, whether you’re using it to loosen tight muscles or play. Therefore the design of the toy contributes to how well your wand will perform solo or with a partner.

  • Size: We all prefer a smaller, lightweight, and portable toy. Not only is it easy to move around, but it also works best if you plan to travel with your body wand vibrator. Bigger giant wands tend to be more versatile, but anything too bulky or heavy may be a bit awkward to handle. The size could be a natural mood killer, so it is an essential factor.
  • Battery power: There’s nothing worse than a sex toy running out of battery just as you’re about to climax. A powerful, long-lasting, fast-charging battery is, therefore, a must!

  • Added extras: the more attachments and functions there are in a toy, the more variety in the bedroom.

  • Price: Body wands are not cheap. But that doesn’t mean you need to burn a hole in your pocket every time you decide to buy a wand. Therefore we have kept the price tag in mind to give you the best option.

The top 3 wand vibrators that our experts recommend for every woman out there:

  1. LELO SMART WAND 2: Overall best body wand vibrator


Length: 304mm

Weight: 383g

Waterproof: Yes

Playtime: Up to 4 hours

Vibration patterns: 10

Added extras: One-year warranty, a storage pouch

Price: $199/£169

Buy it now

Top reasons to buy:

  • Most stylish design
  • Powerful motors that give off rumbly vibrations.
  • One year warranty

Reasons to skip:

  • It can be a bit noisy

Ultra-powerful and extremely sizeable, you get what you pay for with the Lelo Smart Wand 2—which means quality vibrations that won’t disappoint. Available in black, dark pink, and aqua, this sex toy is smooth and sleek with a look-at-me-now shiny gold handle, which makes the design leagues above the competition. It’s our top pick out for many reasons.

  1. SATISFYER WAND-ER WOMAN: Best value body wand vibrator


Length: 340mm

Weight: 674g

Waterproof: Yes

Playtime: 70 mins

Vibration patterns: 10

Added extras: Whisper mode, 15-year warranty

Price: $49.95/£25

Buy it here

Top reasons to buy:

  • Great for beginners who are getting into the world of sex toys
  • Large control buttons give easy access during the act
  • 15-year warranty

Reasons to skip:

  • Not lightweight enough to be portable
  • It takes a tad bit longer to charge

Satisyer’s Wand-er Woman is great for giving yourself a neck massage. You could stop there and still feel it was worth the price. But this device also doubles up to stimulate your clitoral area and vulva, meaning orgasms will be intense. Although massive, this toy isn’t intimidating, as it’s not meant for penetration. Most of the length is simply the handle, and the circular end has the motor. A mix between the massager and sex toy, it’s ideal for foreplay and those using sex toys for the first time.

  1. HITACHI MAGIC WAND: Best luxury body wand vibrator

Length: 309mm

Weight: 413g

Waterproof: Yes

Playtime: Up to 2 hours

Vibration patterns: 10

Added extras: Latex-free, two extra attachments, can be used with the app via Bluetooth, joystick-style control, Smart Silence mode

Price: $179/£159.99

Buy it here

Top reasons to buy:

  • Ultra-quiet even when you use it in the highest setting
  • Easy to control and intuitive
  • Latex-free body

Reasons to skip:

  • Connection issues with the app
  • No storage bag

The Wand by We-Vibration is an XXL choice with an ultra-flexible neck for added versatility. Thanks to the Smart Silence function, the Wand will buzz only when touching your skin or surface. This is due to the clever sensor in the head, which ensures the vibes start only when you want them to.